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Four of our girls made big steps in the walk with Jesus! Hear what they have experienced in their own words.

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2 hours ago

FPC Endicott

Over the next 3 weeks, we are going to look at three qualities in our lives that will help us have effective spiritual influence on those around us.

The quality we looked at this past Sunday was “high potency.” This means that Christ’s influence in our lives is so obvious that His power and presence are undeniable to others.

Christ’s influence is demonstrated in our lives when we show authenticity, compassion and sacrifice. We’ll look into more of what those three traits mean in the next few days of posts.

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4 hours ago

FPC Endicott

"What's in it for me?" We live in an age facing an epidemic of profound self-centeredness. The cure for this selfishness is a relationship with Jesus. II Corinthians 5:16 tells us that when we believe in Jesus, we are transformed into a new, better self. We need to live with the same love and compassion for others that Jesus has shown to us. Being a "High Potency" Christian means we are an influence for good on those around us. Pastor Tim suggested that "high potency" requires authenticity, compassion, and sacrifice. We need to live in such a way that people around us want to know WHY we are different. Can we ask God this week to help us be authentic and compassionate and to willingly share our time and resources? Can we look for opportunities to show care and compassion? For more of the discussion on being a high potency Christian, please visit the church website at
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