We want children to EXPERIENCE:
God’s Word | God’s Love | God’s Forgiveness | God’s Adoption
and as a result
obey God’s Call in their lives!

This Year’s Focus

The Rescue Begins

The Rescue Begins

This spring, kids will be learning about Jesus’ early life and preparation for ministry. Our first unit discusses Jesus’ birth, childhood, baptism, and temptation in the wilderness. Children will then hear about Jesus’ personal encounters with ordinary people that changed their lives in extraordinary ways. During the Easter season we will be studying Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, which made it possible for people to have a pure relationship with God.

You can find out more about this volume here.

The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project

Our families and teachers love using this curriculum because it helps our kids understand how the Bible is one big story that points to God’s plans to restore his relationship with all people through Christ’s death on the cross. God’s Gospel project began “In the beginning” and continues today in the hearts and lives of his people. It is our greatest hope and the means by which we are free to love, serve, and follow Jesus Christ. The Gospel Project points people of all ages to the good news of the Gospel and equips them to live Gospel-filled lives individually, in community, and on mission.

You can find out more about The Gospel Project curriculum here.

Regular Events

Jungle Jam

Jungle Jam

Each week, from 10:30-10:50am, we kick off our children’s ministry time with Jungle Jam- a time to sing, dance, learn Bible verses, and celebrate Jesus!

Kids Small Groups

Small Groups

After Jungle Jam, from 10:50-11:50am, kids break into age appropriate groups for Bible time, activities, snack, and prayer. Our hope is to help kids begin to look at the world, their life, daily choices, and goals through the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Family Days

Family Days

We believe families are important. God put families together to fulfill His plan and to worship Him. Families should be growing together in Christ! We also know that families don’t need MORE to do, they need STRATEGIC things to do.
Throughout the year, we offer several Sunday morning opportunities for our families to engage in the Bible and faith together. These events provide strategic, family-friendly activities that all shapes, sizes, ages, and family structures can successfully participate in together.

Sticky Faith Gathering

Sticky Faith Gatherings

We also believe having a strong bond with the entire community of faith is important for our children and youth. To help strengthen these relationships, we offer several Sticky Faith gatherings throughout the year. These events are open to the entire faith family from our littlest to our oldest people. During these gatherings, our church shares in a meal together, enjoys an activity that engages all ages, and is provided casual time to interact with each other.


Our church supports the ministry of Rock Mountain Bible Camp in Susquehanna, PA. We encourage our children and youth to participate in the various programs this camp offers. More information about Rock Mountain Bible Camp can be found here.

Fall Overnight Retreat
Each fall we take students in grades 3-6 to Rock Mountain Bible Camp for an overnight. This retreat is run entirely by the staff of Rock Mountain. This allows our leaders to give their full attention to our children, which helps to build deep relationships with each other and with God.

Mini-Camp, Early June
Mini Camp is a great way to for kids to be introduced to Rock Mountain Bible Camp. The weekend activities are modeled after the 5-day Junior Camp.

Junior Camp, July
Throughout the week, kids are nurtured in their faith and challenged to grow in what they believe. Their time away also includes a wide variety of games and activities!

See What Our Kids Are Learning

Kids Service 2018 from FPC Endicott on Vimeo.