First Visit?

Contemporary WorshipIf you are making your first visit to us, we want you to be comfortable in knowing what to expect. Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions before coming to visit us, please don’t hesitate to call at (607) 748-1544.

How do I get there?

FPC:E is located at 29 Grant Avenue, on the corner of Grant and Monroe streets in Endicott, NY. You can find detailed schedule information and directions here.

Where should I park?

Parking and entrances can be confusing. We have two main parking lots: one off Monroe St. and a second that you enter from Grant Ave.

Monroe Street

The Monroe St. lot is the larger lot, located on the corner of Monroe and McKinley. If you are arriving to the church from the highway, take a left at the first light (corner of Monroe and McKinley) and then take an immediate right into our parking lot. If you park here, you will be entering the church in the education wing. Enter the church through the glass door on your right as you come into the alley between our garage and the education building. Once you enter the building, go past the stairs and take a left. Follow that hallway down to our gathering area and someone can direct you to the sanctuary.

Grant Avenue

The Grant Ave. lot is located right beside our main entrance doors. If you are arriving to the church from the highway, take a left at the first light (corner of Monroe and McKinley), turn right onto Grant Avenue, go just past the church, and take a right into the parking lot. If you park here, follow the sidewalk back to the front of the building you passed and enter through the glass double doors. You will be entering the gathering area just outside of our sanctuary.

Where do my kids go?



Check-in for all children, birth-grade 5, begins at 9:15am.

Check-in stations are located on the top level of our building as well as the lounge level of our building.


Birth-preschool classes meet on the top level of our building, across the hall from each other.

After being checked in, these children can be dropped off in their classes.

Childcare is offered for birth-age 2 in our spacious nursery.

Preschool Ministry is aimed for 3 and 4-year-olds.

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Kindergarten-5th grade students go to the sanctuary after being checked in.

These children participate in the first 15 minutes of the worship service.

They are then dismissed with their leaders to participate in Children’s Ministry.

Classes meet on the lowest level of our building.

To learn more about Children’s Ministry, visit our Children’s Ministry page.

Middle and High School

Middle and High School students will be participating in worship this fall.

They will have the option of sitting with their family or their youth leaders as they participate in the teaching and table conversations.


All of our caregivers and children’s ministry leaders are background checked and work in teaching teams.

What is a Sunday service like?

The worship service this fall is new to all of us, not just our guests! We have just undergone renovations in the sanctuary that create flexible space for Sunday mornings and for ministry opportunities throughout the week. For twelve weeks this fall, we will have one united service at 9:30am with a variety of music styles on different Sundays. The sanctuary will be set up with round tables and chairs, so that we can worship, learn, and have conversations together. We will have a unique opportunity to focus on the things that help us become contagious Christians and to experience Alpha, a course that allows people to explore life’s biggest questions together. We want to create a safe space around the tables, where people can speak freely, ask any question they have, or simply listen and say nothing at all. We are excited to welcome guests who might want to come alongside us on the journey.

Getting to Know You

We know that guests who visit have different expectations. Some people want to see how friendly a congregation is, others want to slip in and out quietly. While we hope you will be warmly welcomed, there are some things you can take the initiative to do, if you wish. There is a welcome center in the gathering area, where you can ask questions, leave your contact information, and receive a t-shirt as a first-time visitor. There are “Connect Cards” in the sanctuary that you can fill out and return to the welcome center or place in the offering box at the entrance of the sanctuary. Our hope is that we might be able to connect with you after your visit, so that we can build real relationship!

Do you have questions or comments after your first visit with us? Please let us know!