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Transforming a Family

God transforms lives and families. He rescues and redeems. Just ask Lynn.

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7 hours ago

FPC Endicott

Does my life matter? Why am I here? The world tries to help us answer these questions and often does a poor job. Our sin ties us to past mistakes and convinces us that we are a mistake. Scripture tells us the true story. We are born to be royalty - servant kings and queens in God's family. We are created in God's image and were given stewardship over the earth as a reflection of God's character and glory - to bear a family resemblance to God, reflected in our lives. Jesus, through His death and resurrection, freed us to live out our royal vocation with a new life, new name, new identity. He became like us (human) so that we might become like Him. He is our purpose. The Shorter Westminster Catechism declares that our purpose is "to honor and worship God and to glorify and enjoy Him forever." The church bands together to remind each other who we are and Whose we are. We at FPC Endicott want to help you find your identity and your place in God's story. So....Who do you resemble? You are NOT a mistake. You are God's beloved child! The King is seeking after you to give you His abundant inheritance of eternal life. You are enough. You bring great joy to God forever.
You will find more of Pastor Tim's comforting words on the church website at or on YouTube on the FPC Endicott page.
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1 day ago

FPC Endicott

Life is better together. As Pastor Tim talked about on Sunday, the church is the place where we can grow up together in God's grace! Stay connected to our church family by liking us on facebook and youtube, subscribing to the Weekend Update, and checking out the church website (

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